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Gong for Anxiety (22 minutes)

Anxiety is a completely normal and common feeling. Sometimes it's a subtle sensation, and sometimes it can be completely overwhelming. Either way, the key to managing this feeling is to first acknowledge it, and then work on accepting it so that it slowly dissipates. One practice that can help you with that is sound meditation. The complex and healing sound waves create a safe space for you to make peace with your anxiety. They also help to calm the nervous system and loosen the grip that negative thought patterns and troubling feelings have on the body, mind and spirit.


So put on some headphones, find a comfortable spot to lie down, take a few deep breaths, and let the gong wash away your anxiety and restore a sense of calm and peace from deep within. With this recording featuring a guided meditation and sound bath,, you'll have lifetime access to 22 blissful minutes of sound to blast away anxiety whenever you need it most.

Gong for Anxiety (22 minutes)

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