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GONG was founded with a clear mission to help more people access the benefits of meditation and sound therapy through the power of the gong. Many people understand these benefits, but they struggle to access them on their own. By offering gong baths in a variety of settings including online, in workplaces, private residences, and other unique venues around London, we are bringing the effortless yet deeply impactful meditative experience to everyone curious enough to try something new. 


 The gong makes meditating easy, enjoyable and deeply relaxing yet also revitalizing. It's an everyday retreat that strengthens your mind, boosts your mood, relieves stress and helps you work through whatever challenges you're facing. 


The unique and soothing sounds quiet your mind and can induce a meditative state by stimulating brainwave activity. You will also benefit from the physical vibrations of the gong. The powerful sound waves vibrate every cell in your body, helping to release blocked energy and restore balance.

Some people compare the experience of a gong bath to the sensory deprivation of a floatation tank. Another client described it as "being suspended in that blissful moment of lucid consciousness just before you fall asleep". Book a session to explore the positive effects for yourself.