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All Night Gong Puja


The Gong is one of the most powerful tools for self-healing. A Gong Puja is a deep all night sound meditation. Created by Yogi Bajan and Don Conreaux, a puja consists of 10 consecutive gong sessions and lasts around 7.5 hrs.

During a puja, you will sleep through the night into the early morning, while being bathed in the low-level healing sound vibrations from several gongs. This will lead to a sleepy meditative state or possibly even a lucid dreaming state for the night. Whilst 45 – 60 minute gong baths can clear immediate energetic blocks, it is believed that 10 consecutive gong sessions can shift any blockage and allow for deep healing.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to experience a profound energetic shift and reap the deeply healing effect of the gong. Many people report feeling much lighter or more free after a puja. You will of course have your own unique journey - the gong will give you what you need!

Dates for our next puja will be announced soon! 

Puja - sleeping bags.jpeg

What is the schedule?

From 9pm you may start to arrive to set-up your space. The puja will commence at 9.15pm with some (optional) heart-opening cacao, followed by some gentle movement. The 7 ½ hour gong immersion will commence at around 10:45pm. We will conclude early Saturday morning. The gong immersion will complete at 5.30am with an extended period of total silence, lasting until 6.15am. You may remain after the puja finishes until 7am on the Saturday at which time the room will need to be cleared.

After the session, we do recommend you allow yourself plenty of time to come round, integrate and relax before travelling home or entering into anything too demanding!

What do I need to bring?

  • Wear comfortable warm clothes to move around and then sleep in.

  • Bedding (e.g., inflatable camping beds and a sleeping bag or duvet and pillow)

  • Eye mask

  • Ear plugs if you are a light sleeper (snoring is likely). Ear plugs will not prevent you from receiving the benefits of the vibrations

  • Water bottle

  • A low light torch (lighting in the room will be dim, not fully darkened. If you are concerned, you will not be able to find your way to the toilets, this could be handy- or the light on your smartphone also does the trick!)

During the puja absolute silence is observed (except for the gong sounds of course!). Mobile phones should be on silent with notifications turned off. You may exit the puja for necessary visits to the toilet; though we ask you to make as little noise as possible while exiting and returning to the room. Should you feel you need to leave the room for an extended period there will be a room where you may go and lie down. If you have any medical conditions requiring special arrangements or medication, then this should be brought with you. Discuss any concerns with us to ensure that we can accommodate your needs.

Where is it?

This session is held at St Lukes church a short walk from both Caledonian road and Holloway road (Hillmarton Rd, London N7 9JE).

Is there anyone a puja is not suitable for?

Gong baths in general are not suitable for anyone with a pacemaker, anyone who suffers from fits (epileptics), or anyone who is extremely sensitive to sound. They are also not recommended for women in the first trimester of pregnancy due to the unstable nature of pregnancy during that time. If you wear a hearing aid, your device should be turned off during the session. If you have any concerns, please speak with your doctor in advance.

Who can I contact about this event?

Please contact us at with any questions. Reserve your spot by purchasing a ticket at the top of this page!  

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