What is a gong bath?

A gong bath is an immersive sound experience. During a gong bath, you sit or lie in front of a gong and listen to the unique tones as sound waves wash over you, 'bathing' you in sound. The soothing sound will effortlessly lull your mind into a meditative state, while the vibrations revitalize your body and help to release tension.

What should I wear?

No fancy athletic clothing is needed for a gong bath. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Work clothes, day clothes, weekend clothes, it's all perfectly acceptable!

Is yoga or stretching involved?

No, this is purely a meditation and requires no physical exertion.

What happens during a gong bath?

The session starts out with a brief introduction and a short guided meditation to help you settle into the experience. The gong will then play as you sit or lie comfortably and listen to the various sounds and feel any sensations that may come up. The session will conclude with a short silence followed by a few words to guide you back.

What will it feel like?

Everyone has a different experience with the gong. The sound waves stimulate nerve endings and also penetrate into your cells, so you may feel tingling or sensations of electricity. The gong also affects your mind and helps it to settle into a more meditative state. Some people feel completely blissed out, while others feel more emotional. This will be different each time you come. The first time can be particularly intense since it will be a new experience for your mind and body. Some people may fall asleep,but it's best to try and remain awake and present for an optimal experience.

What are the benefits of a gong bath?

The sonic energy produced by a gong affects you at the mental and physical level. At the mental level, the harmonics can induce a meditative state by entraining brainwave frequencies into a lower state, easing your mind into a space where it can rest and restore. Sound is also a force that affects you physically. The tangible vibrations help to move blocked energy and release tension. During a sound bath, most people lose track of time and feel supremely relaxed and calm by the end. Additional benefits are plentiful - some of the most common ones our clients cite are better sleep, stress relief, and emotional release. Sound baths also promote mental clarity, focus and creativity. At the physiological level, heart rate and respiration rate slow down and come into balance during a sound bath as the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, and some studies have even shown that nitric oxide (which regulates physiological processes related to good health) in the blood increases. Lastly, since water is an effective conductor of sound and our bodies have a high water constitution, we are bascially giant sound resonators. When we are exposed to strong sonic vibrations, this helps to reshape the cells and molecules within us.

Who will be guiding the gong bath?

Our gong baths are led by our talented practitioners. All of us care deeply about delivering a positive, supportive, enjoyable and consistent experience for our guests. You can leanr more about the team here: https://www.aboutgong.com/practitioners

How can I book for more than one person?

The easiest way to book a spot for someone else is from your browser through your GONG profile once you've created one - follow these steps (unfortunately you can't do this from the app): 1. Go to the booking page and select "Book now" next to the class you'd like to book. 2. Create a profile or log-in to your existing profile 3. Once you are at the reservation window, you'll see a radio option button to "Make a reservation for - myself / someone else" 4. Select "someone else" and complete the process! Feel free to contact us at hello@aboutgong.com if you encounter any difficulties after following these steps.

Who is a gong bath not suitable for?

Virtual sound baths are generally enjoyable for most people. However, if you have epilepsy or suffer from seizures, please talk to your doctor first. The sound can also induce a deep meditative experience that can bring up and/or release emotions. Anyone with a mental health concern should also speak with a doctor.

In person gong baths are not suitable for anyone with a pacemaker, anyone who suffers from fits (epileptics), or anyone who is extremely sensitive to sound. They are also not recommended for women in the first trimester of pregnancy due to the unstable nature of pregnancy during that time. If you wear a hearing aid, your device should be turned off during the session. If you have any concerns, please speak with your doctor in advance. Please also let your instructor know at the start of the session if you have any concerns.

What do I need for a virtual session?

Virtual sessions are live streamed via Zoom, so please make sure you’ve downloaded the Zoom app in advance. You can do that at zoom.us. We strongly advise that you use the desktop Zoom app instead of the mobile app for the best sound experience. Here are a few tips for how to set yourself up at home: - Most importantly, please use headphones to listen to the session! Alternatively, you can also connect to an external sound system or bluetooth speaker. - Find a comfortable place to lie down - your couch, your bed, or just lie on your floor with some cushioning beneath you. - Make sure you're in a place with good wifi signal, or use a wired connection - Grab a blanket to keep yourself warm, a pillow to support your head, and an eye mask to cover your eyes - Light some candles, burn some sage or palo santo, and rub some essential oils into your pulse points - Consider turning off notifications so you don't get distracted

Does a sound bath work virtually?

Yes! A virtual gong bath is a great way to take a break from your screen and give you eyes and mind a rest and reset. The unique sound of the gong and other healing instruments entrains your brainwaves to a relaxed and restorative state, helping you to reap the benefits of meditation without any experience required. All you need is to put on some headphones, find a comfortable place to lie down, close your eyes, and listen. Many people find they enter a deeply relaxed space during the session and feel more calm and at ease afterwards.




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