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  • What is a gong bath?
    A gong bath is a type of meditation induced by the sound of a gong. During a gong bath, you sit or lie in front of a gong and listen to the unique tones as sound waves wash over you, bathing you in sound.
  • What should I wear?
    No fancy athletic clothing is needed for a gong bath. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Work clothes, day clothes, weekend clothes, it's all perfectly acceptable!
  • Is yoga or stretching involved?
    No, this is purely a meditation and requires no physical exertion.
  • What happens during a gong bath?
    The session starts out with a brief introduction and a short guided meditation to help you settle into the experience. The gong will then play as you sit or lie comfortably and listen to the various sounds and feel any sensations that may come up. The session will conclude with a short silence followed by a few words to guide you back into the space.
  • What will it feel like?
    Everyone has a different experience with the gong. The sound waves stimulate nerve endings and also penetrate into your cells, so you may feel tingling or sensations of electricity. The gong also affects your mind and helps it to settle into a more meditative state. Some people feel completely blissed out, while others feel more emotional. This will be different each time you come. The first time can be particularly intense since it will be a new experience for your mind and body. Some people may fall asleep,but it's best to try and remain awake and present for an optimal experience.
  • What are the benefits of a gong bath?
    Science has proven that the sonic energy produced by a gong affects you at the mental and physical level. At the mental level, it can lead to automatic meditation by lowering brainwave frequencies and helping you ease into a state where healing can occur. Sound is also a force that can affect you physically. Water is an effective conductor of sound, and because we are 60% water our bodies are sound resonators. The vibrations from the gong can penetrate your cells and restructure molecules to vibrate at a more optimal frequency through a process called entrainment. You can read more about this process here:
  • Who will be giving the gong bath?
    The gong bath will be offered by the founder of GONG, Selma Studer. Selma became a gong enthusiast after experiencing her first gong bath at a yoga retreat in Thailand a few years ago. She is now dedicating herself to introdocuing more people to this deeply impactful and beneficial practice. She started by hosting gong baths for friends in her apartment and is now expanding to bring this beneficial and deeply impactful experience to workplaces and unique venues around London.




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