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Every member of our practitioner team shares our love for sound and our passion for helping people find more balance in their lives. They are always available before, during and after sessions to support your experience. You can also contact us to arrange a private sound healing experience with anyone of our team members.   

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Carlo Volpi

Carlo Volpi is a designer and visiting lecturer at The Royal College of Art in London. A keen meditator with nearly 20 years of experience, he has trained with several organisations and sound healers in the UK. In addition to  working with sound and mindfulness, Carlo is a biodynamic massage therapist and is currently training to become a body psychotherapist at LSBP in London. His journey in exploring the relationship between body and mind has taken him to integrate his creative fashion practice with spirituality, hoping to bring therapeutic sound and mindfulness more prominently in education and design.

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David Little

David is a musician with a keen interest in the power of sound and music to alter mood and consciousness. In his sessions he plays a symphonic gong and koshi chimes. He holds a peaceful and calming space, helping attendees to experience the relaxing and revitalising potential of a gong bath. David initially trained with us at Gong and is now studying for a diploma in Group Sound Relaxation Therapy with the British Academy of Sound Therapy.

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Fiona Heffernan

Fiona is a Dublin based 200-hour Sound Meditation teacher who trained in Naad yoga with Leo Cosendai in London. Fiona’s background as a holistic therapist, hatha, yin, trauma sensitive yoga teacher along with courses in breath work gives her a unique approach to sound meditation. Fiona uses a mixture of gong, crystal bowls, chimes, voice and other instruments for an authentic experience. Sound meditation has been a huge part of her journey and she feels very passionately about sharing that with others. She has a love for sound for many reasons, but a couple of top ones would be the accessibility and how it fast tracks you into a meditative state.

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Kalie Jade

Kalie is a highly intuitive Sound Therapist, Healing Practitioner, Meditation Teacher and Psychic Medium based in South East London, where she facilitates a range of wellbeing workshops and events. Her classes are centred around self-development and relaxation, with a particular focus on improving mental health. Kalie loves being able to help people find inner peace and guidance through her sessions. 

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Mark Smallman

Mark has always been interested in the ability of music and sound to calm the mind. When he had his first gong bath, he was blown away by the ability of the instrument to induce effortless meditation. Inspired by a quote from the late DJ Andrew Weatherall who said ‘you’re never going to have that feeling of hearing a record for the first time again, but if you look into the eyes of someone who’s hearing it for the first time... it’s the next best feeling’, he’s keen to share the positive energy of the gong with people who have not already encountered it.

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Martina Saorin

Martina is a 200hrs certified yoga teacher, specialised in Hatha Yoga as well as being an Advanced Yin Yoga teacher, Restorative Yoga Teacher, Level 3 Reiki Master, and a Sound facilitator. She trained with the highly respected Don Conreaux, The Tone Of Life in Poland, and Sheila Whittaker in London. She feels so blessed to have found another modality that truly resonates with her and has been studying Sound Therapy with the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST) in UK since April 2018.

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Pablo Hernandez Urzola

Pablo After 15 years in a stressful corporate job, Pablo’s life changed in Bali with his first gong bath. He was floating, had visions, lost all perceptions of space and time. Back in London he became a gong bath ‘groupie’, but his work life was becoming so stressful he was reaching breaking point. He then discovered Sound Therapy and underwent treatment. Starting to work with Sound helped Pablo to rebalance, take care of himself, and improved his productivity, relationships, and his whole outlook. Friends soon noticed and said, 'Give us the trick!’ So three Sound Therapy courses later, he launched his own Sound Therapy practice to help others find the positivity he did.

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Satu Taggart 

Satu is a certified sound therapist. She creates her gong baths in her Mongolian yurt in Tottenham, London. Satu discovered the art of playing the Himalayan singing bowls on a workshop run by Michael Ormiston and Candida Valentino. After various introductory courses in other areas of sound therapy, Satu studied at The British Academy of Sound Therapy and learned to play the gongs, drums and chant with the professional guidance of the tutors Lyz Cooper and Clifford Sax – she was certified as a Sound Therapist in 2011.

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Selma Studer

After spending more than 10 years leading marketing and communications at Fortune 500 companies as well as startups, Selma decided to follow her passion for wellness and help people do something about the stress and anxiety that ravages so many lives. Through GONG, which she founded in 2018, she is bringing the meditative and revitalizing experience of gong baths to people all over the world, helping them find more space in their minds, less tension in their bodies, and greater health and balance in their lives overall.

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