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Warming up to 2021

Dear GONG Community,

As this crazy year draws to a close and we all look ahead to a healing 2021, I wanted to share with you a few updates on GONG and how we plan to continue to support you during these times.

2020 has certainly brought its fair share of trials and tribulations to us all. Here at GONG, the pandemic sidelined our plans to open a flagship studio back in March. Instead of launching a larger brick and mortar space, I threw myself into bringing our services online and building our virtual team so we could be here for you during this wild ride.

My motivation in starting GONG in 2018 was always to increase access to gong baths so that you can enjoy a sound meditation whenever you need it. I never intended for virtual gong baths to be part of that, but here we are and we’re not stopping. We plan to continue offering virtual sessions into the new year, as well as to introduce a library of on-demand content (more to come on that soon).

At the same time, many of you have expressed how eager you are to get back in front of a live gong. We hear you, and we are just as eager to host you again.

While our former Farringdon space is now sadly permanently closed, we are scaling up a distributed model so you can enjoy gong baths in healing spaces with various practitioners around London. I’m excited to announce that Mark Smallman will be stepping up as UK Country Manager for GONG and taking the lead on organizing these events as well as managing corporate sessions in London. You’ll be hearing more from Mark in the coming weeks.

Together with this news, I wanted to share a personal update. With the growth of our online business, and plans to open a dedicated gong studio in London on hold indefinitely, I’ve decided to explore opportunities in my homeland of Switzerland. I will be moving there in January and will continue to broadcast virtual sessions and scale GONG from the land of the Alps. Mountain retreat anyone?

On behalf of the entire GONG team, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for staying with us, for supporting us, and for trusting us to support you during this extremely challenging year. We continue to be here for you – online, in London, and now also in Switzerland. Who knows where next!

Take care and 'stay tuned'




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