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Relax at Home with a Virtual Gong Bath

When we first moved our sound meditation sessions online in March 2020, I was quite skeptical of whether the experience would translate digitally. The sound of the gong is so complex, it's impossible to capture all of the nuances. However what we've learned after hundreds if not thousands of virtual gong baths* is that the digital experience does in fact have many benefits.

* just a side note that I'll use the terms 'gong baths', 'sound baths', and 'sound healing' interchangeably. See this earlier post to understand more about the terminology

Virtual sessions allow people from all over the world to participate in live classes without having to travel anywhere. And the remote experience has many of the same effects as in person gong baths: the sounds entrain your brainwaves to a meditative state, and the parasympathetic nervous system is activated as you ease into a deep state of rest.

Sound is a particularly effective way for anyone who struggles to meditate in more traditional ways to reap the benefits of meditation without any effort, practice, or training required. This works just as well when listening to the sounds through headphones as it does when you're lying in front of a gong. While you might think the experience of a virtual sound bath is concentrated in the ears and head, many people report they still feel tingling sensations and perceive shifts in energy throughout their body.

You also benefit from the subtle exchange of energy with the practitioner who is leading the livestream. They are guiding you through a sonic journey while sending their positive intentions to you as you receive the sounds and subtle vibrations. This may sound esoteric, but we encourage you to compare an on demand session with a livestream and let us know if you feel a difference!

That said, recorded sound baths can be just as effective if you have a tight schedule and can't make it to specific classes. Receiving any form of sound healing is better than no sound healing at all!

How should you prepare for a virtual gong bath?

First, find a comfortable place where you can relax. Listen with headphones or an external sound speaker. Grab a blanket and pillow to keep warm and cosy. Dim the lights and use candles or essential oils to create a peaceful ambiance. Make sure your internet connection is strong, and then give yourself permission to surrender to whatever is about to happen.

When should you enjoy a virtual gong bath?

Whenever you feel the need! We offer daily livestreams at lunchtime, afterwork, and on weekends. Most people like to come when they are feeling stressed to take the edge off the day. You can also come before anticipated stress to put yourself in a better position to manage it.

Do ‘gong baths’ only feature gong sounds?

Gongs feature prominently in most of our sessions because their unique properties and wide range of frequencies are very effective for brainwave entrainment. However, our team also uses lots of other healing instruments like crystal and singing bowls, chimes and more. The drone sounds of the gong will help you drift off into altered states of consciousness, while the bowls and chimes will prime you at the start or bring you back at the end.

The best part?

After a virtual session you can continue to chill and relax at home or wherever you're listening from, without having to face the hassle of public transportation or driving. The afterglow of a gong session will last long into the night and help you sleep better.

Experience deep healing and relaxation from the comfort of your home with a virtual gong bath with the GONG team 🎧. If you're still skeptical, listen to this taster session. If you're ready to get started, check the schedule and sign up for your first livestream session.

And don't forget to let us know about your experience in the comments below!

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alt ess
alt ess
04 nov 2021

That was an excellent post! I had no clue sound bath were so popular. I've been researching and reading a lot about sound bath lately. I'm interested if any of you have any other resources to provide. It appears that finding the most up-to-date information on the website is challenging. I stumbled noticed a handful of relevant websites. is one of the websites. The majority of the website does not update regularly enough to assist me in learning more quickly. Is there anyone willing to assist?

Me gusta
alt ess
alt ess
05 nov 2021
Contestando a

hi, thank you!! I will go through other blog posts in this site. :)

Me gusta

I love the convenience and privacy of gong baths from home- no one snoring next to me, and no where to go after!

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